Sonny Fodera: "Distance yourself from negative people and work hard"

Ljubljana based Cirkus club will host the first Slovenian performance of Sonny Fodera on Friday, March 2nd as part of its XO series. He’s made his name with a string of amazing single, EP, album and compilations on labels such as Defected, Suara, Cajual, Dirtybird and Visionquest. His work includes a string of collaborations with the likes of Gene Farris, Derrick Carter, MK, Cajmere, David Morales, and even iconic Frankie Knuckles.

Sonny has been a regular feature of Hideout and Defected festivals in our local region and a known face around famous clubs such as Ministry of Sound, Sankeys, Ushuaia, DC-10, Amnesia just to mention few. We’ve caught with this prolific Aussie DJ and producer for a quick chat about his music fundaments, plans for the summer and some other little things that make music and life so special.

Some artists have absolutely abandoned the album – while you’ve created a couple of very good ones. Why are you still so faithful to this format even though you also rely mostly on single and EP releases?

I love working on albums! More than anything, I think they can really tell a story. While a single or EP is more of an expression, I think an album constitutes a pinnacle point in your process as an artist. I am actually hoping to release another album this year - It will be my fourth.

EDM scene is digressing to pop and house. You’ve made your name in "classic" house when it was overshadowed by electro, minimal, UK, deep and tropical house, but now there are more and more artists getting into the sound you too were promoting and developing in the last decade. Will this help genre to grow or will now big agencies steal the show and ruin the scene?

I think it will help the genre to grow. The scene is stronger than ever and that's amazing. It is great to have been apart of it for the last 10 years, but even my sound is changing and evolving. I have crossed over with all kinds of other genres... which is exactly what "EDM" and all these other areas are doing in a way, "digressing to pop and house". I think people get caught up too much in things be strictly one thing.

You have a strong hip-hop background – but I‘ve never noticed this influence in your production. Did you ever think of doing some hip-house track or have actually produced some beats for rappers on a side that we don’t know yet?

In my earlier stuff I used to sample a lot of hip-hop, all the tracks I was making from 2007-2011 on Guesthouse Music and Beatdown. When I'm driving to or at the gym I mainly listen to hip-hop. One album I'm digging right now is Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN. I've done a few remixes with grime and hip-hop and it's definitely something I've experimented with and considered, but nothing actually released so far.

Your gigs, be it at the pool or on a boat, are (at least for me) one of the Adriatic Summer highlights. Where in your book of love do performances at Hideout and Defected Festival fit in? I always feel a family vibe at those, but maybe it’s just me. Should we go to those two or rather try to catch you in Ibiza this summer?

I think Hideout is one of the best festivals I have ever played! That is one to check out for sure. Also, nothing can compare to Ibiza, nothing can come close with the history, clubs, the quality of DJ's and producers from all around the world. It’s a very special place. There is nowhere in the world like that.

What is the most Australian thing about you – in music and in personality?

My accent! I feel like I have more of UK accent but people still tell me I sound really Australian. My entire family is English / European, my parents were moved to Australia as children and that's where my sister and I were born and grew up.

What is the most British thing about you – in music and in personality?

I love a Sunday roast and a pint at the local pub while watching super Sunday football.

What’s the most important thing about life, love and universe you’ve learnt while producing all those great house tracks of yours?

Love what you do and do what you love. Distance yourself from negative people and work hard.

By Gregor, edited on 15 June 2018