#welovesound is bringing Ricardo Villalobos

Quality music is the key to every raver's heart.

Sonus crew proved that on numerous occasions, especially when it comes to organising quality events and memories. After years of successful editions of the infamous Sonus Festival, they are bringing you new series of parties called #welovesound to Zagreb, more precisely to the legendary discotheque The Best. [caption id="attachment_3511" align="alignnone" width="785"] Ricardo Villalobos - Ian F. - Sergej Snooze. More info TBA soon.[/caption] The first edition of #welovesound hosted Valentino Kanzyani, Barac and Mimi. This time they've partnered with KlubskaScena.hr as it's 15 years of their existance and together they're bringing you one of the most recognized names in the industry: Ricardo Villalobos. He's been breaking down barriers and warping minds since he started and he's not going to stop anytime soon. Also playing on the bill are Ian F. and Sergej Snooze.  


More info on this event as we get them, in the meantime listen to some of Ricky magic. Here's one of his sets from 2002 and one of our all time favorites: his remix of 'Everywhere ou Go'.

By Andrej, edited on 13 June 2018