SoundCloud changed its repost function

SoundCloud, which is one of the most popular channels among musicians and especially electronic music producers / DJ's, has been quite active lately. After their server issues, which caused many headaches among users, a few days ago, SoundCloud modified its repost feature. Although there isn't any official statement from them yet, it looks like the repost function works a bit differently. As in before, you were able to repost any track out there and if you wanted to share it again on top of your followers' feeds, you simply un-reposted a track and reposted it again. So most of this will still be possible with a major difference. From now on you'll be only able to share the reposted tracks on your followers' feeds once. Even if you un-repost a track and repost it again, it won't be shown in feeds. Instead, the track will go back to the slot of the initial report. So that will probably bring more angry users among "SoundClouders". It's not all bad though. Some users already spread their joy of finding new music again, which used to be fun and it wasn't really an option with an invasion of reposted tracks. We'll see how SoundCloud will react in the future but these last few months, weren't their best ones.  

By Saša, edited on 29 May 2018