Soundcloud mixes will no longer have copyright issues

If you are a DJ, producer, radio host, label or just someone that likes to upload mixes on the web than you've probably come across SoundCloud. Uploading mix on their page was not a big problem, but keeping your mix there was quite a challenge. Due to copyright and licensing, a lot of mixes, that were uploaded to the famous website, were instantly removed. That probably caused a lot of headaches and anger that was directed towards SC. But, it looks like that SC managed to solve this issue.

SoundCloud Mixes Will No Longer Be Removed

According to the website's owner and founder, Eric Wahlforss, SC has reached agreements with the proper licensing companies and will no longer remove DJ mixes for copyright infringement. This will definitely bring some of the old users back and spread happiness among SC users. So, while they've solved one problem, there is still a couple of them left. We'll let the company deal with them, but let us just give a quick hint - bring back the groups option!

By Saša, edited on 26 May 2018