Montenegro’s Southern Soul Festival returns for its 4th year to bring you a magical experience of music, dance, sea, and sun. It’s situated at one of the sandy beaches at the Adriatic Coast, Velika Plaza, near the city of Ulcinj, the nicely preserved ancient fortress-like town. The idea behind the festival is to present hip and underground names of various musical styles including soul, jazz, funk, house, and disco. Southern Soul starts on the 30th June and ends on the 3rd July.

This year our eye spotted artists like Eddy Ramich, Kai Alce, Rainer Trueby, Rahaan, Fouk, Ilija Rudman, Marcel Vogel, Red Greg, The Reflex, K15, ... who are writing their story around soul house music. So, if you’re in the mood for a little genre experiment, we recommend you check them out. View your full lineup HERE.


By Severin, edited on 26 May 2018