Spotlight: 4 talented artists worth checking out

 Exploring the world of electronic music can be fun yet frustrating. There’s plenty new styles and genres coming through your speakers every day and  even more artists you never heard of. In today’s world, it can be difficult staying up to date with all the novelties, all the talent and all the buzz with all the social media bullshit going on. Finding new artists who are likely to dominate in their own right can be nearly impossible with so many daily tasks you must complete through out your day.

We went ahead and put the spotlight on “4 Talented Artists Worth Checking Out”. If you like fresh stuff this is definitely something for you. You're more than welcome.

Moreon & Baffa

In the end of the 90’s one of them was a producer on the only 100% Underground Dance Music radio show in his area and also a devoted member of the early Techno/Rave scene that was breaking through in the country, The other half  of the duo was a member of one of the most influential trip hop/experimental bands in Latin America (Sur Carabela) and also starting his solo Dj/Producer profile.

Gustavo Romano & Emidio Falconi are “Moreon & Baffa”. Originally from Venezuela and have recently based their home in Barcelona, both have been close friends, working with the underground techno scene in their home country since the early beginnings (early 2000’s). By 2011 they've both left South-America and got reunited in Barcelona, where they immediately started to create music - joining forces to share their vision of techno & house genre.

They are known for exposing a unique “avant-garde” music selection since more than a decade, building a serious reputation as fearless architects in the art of DJing and also as vinyl junkies. Having approximately 15 years “under their belts” they are to make some noise on the oldest continent, with no doubt there are many reasons for the upcoming rise of their acts.

Here's Moreon & Baffa recorded live from El Monasterio (BOILER ROOM)

Joseph Ashworth

Sometimes you hear amazing music by pure luck. You look it up and then you listen to it again. And again. And then you want to know who created this amazing piece. And you've never heard of him before. But how? He is already hitting it hard with hefty releases on Pets Recordings, Anjunadeep and NeedWant, receiving support from all corners of the electronic music scene, including Maya Jane ColesKölsch, Sascha and Lee Burridge.

How is it possible you've only just found about this guy a couple months ago? You feel like you've missed out on something truly amazing. Until recently known just as Ashworth, Joe is surely on his way of becoming a household name. He recorded his debut album 'Grain' in 2015 and it has done the job of showcasing a sensitive, brave producer who has a way with melody. A brand new creator who enjoys late nights in loud parties as much as avant-garde concerts. Download the entire 'Grain' LP for FREE

In a sound that captures the gritty honesty of techno with an experimental and melodic edge, Joseph approaches each new piece of music without pretence or discrimination, focusing on the emotion the music conveys as opposed to slotting within pre-determined genre boundaries.

He takes a long time to finish his music, and only releases a small fraction of his music due to his own high standards. Be patient, good things take time. If you've been listening to BBC Radio 1s Residency mixes you know what's in store for the coming months. Kőlsch has been heavily supporting Joe's brand new track 'Falling' and by the looks of it it's really something else. We've heard rumors that the mixdown is finally done and sounding fat. Joseph has also been building a reputation as a unique, exciting and versatile DJ, with a love of vinyl, playing extended sets to some of the most hedonistic, but also some of the most revered dance floors across the globe. While the sets cover all aspects of electronic music, they somehow maintain a cohesive connection to the sound of the music that comes out of his London studio.

Listen to Ashworth's Fabric promo mix


Flabaire is one of the guys behind France’s most exciting house label, D.KO Records. He released numerous tracks on his own imprint as well as on other labels such as Organic, Série Limitée, or Popcorn Records to name a few. That got him the attention of his more accomplished peers and idols such as Move D, Christopher Rau, Jimpster and Moomin.
His first LP "It's Just A Silly Phase I'm Going Through" which was released last March, received critical acclaim and proved that his production skills go far beyond conventional house music, seamlessly wandering into ambient, jungle and breakbeat vibes. One thing is certain: France has got a new scene which crumbles and defies all the rest in the area.
Leader of the now important label D.KO, Flabaire is amazing in his own mixture of his somewhat 'dreamy' style. His music oscillates between big 80s synthesizers and Chicago rounded basses which catapult you into outer space. What we love about him is the importance he devotes to his bass lines: always ultra groovy and eccentric. His compositions are hyper musical as he necessarily adds livelyness to the sound. His productions are always harmonious and well mixed.
In his own words: "I do house but I find it less noble than jazz or rock ... It is a kind of complex I have in a corner of my head ... If I listen to an album of Beach Boys for example, I will say: ah yeah it's still something else ... it's more complex, more sought after.. and yet I love house!" 

Black Loops

Berlin based duo which consists of Riccardo Paffetti (a drummer and excellent DJ) and Gabriele Micheli (a Milan based soundengeneer and videoartist). You probably guessed it yourself: Black Loops are Italian. Hot electronic funk and fresh house is what comes out of their studio. Imagine the early days deep house sound spiced up with a bit of Berlin Techno effectivity and a pinch of Italian disco "touch".
Their influences come mainly from other genres such as funk, soul, and crossover. Their style of music, in terms of electronic, stems from the early '90s UK dance movement, such as Chemical Brothers, Orbital, Prodigy but also the early '00s New York house scene, such as Metro Area and Moby. It's amazing to hear a sample from one of your favorite soul artists in a house track. Black Loops used Tom Misch's - 'Journey' for their 'SEX' track, released on Toy Tonics.
With sterling releases on Toy Tonics, Gruuv, Discoholycs and Neovinyl Recordings support has been pouring in for their "hot electronic funk" from a diverse array of A-list DJs; including Jimpster, Riva Starr, Joey Negro, Josh Wink, and Luke Solomon.
By Andrej, edited on 13 June 2018