Steffen Deux released EP on 8bit Records

Our team has always been secretly endorsing the "German" sound within the electronic music community. So when we heard the recently released EP from Mannheim's resident Steffen Deux, we felt the urge to write a little bit about his music. So who is Steffen Deux? We first came across him a couple of years ago when we heard his remix for Nick Curly, who happened to be Steffen's brother. But it took us four years to hear him playing live and that is when he really impressed us. It was this summer at Sonus festival in Croatian party mecca - Zrče beach, where he played a superb afternoon b2b set with his brother Nick. Later on, they've again joined forces and produced an EP for Knee Deep In Sound. Steffen's next EP (Ask Yourself) was released on Do Not Sleep which is a label owned by house master Darius Syrossian.

Steffen Deux - Fountain Of Youth EP

His latest EP "Fountain Of Youth" was recently released on 8bit records, which is owned by Nick Curly. The package consist of two original tunes and a splendid remix from Spanish tech house talent Cuartero. The opening track of the EP is a proper peak time groover. The funky bass-line is the core of the track and it's definitely the main source of the energy. The arrangement is quite simple which also makes it a useful DJ tool. The second track of this EP is called "Peachick". This track is also heavily built around a drum groove which is supported by warm rolling bass-line. Synth stab is nicely giving the track its rhythm while siren sounded pads are a lovely little add-on.

Cuartero reworked the second track of the EP. He kept the soul of the original track and added a fair dose of roughness in his version. Background pads are pleasantly combined with drum elements and bass-line which makes everything together with a solid groove. It's hard to decide which track is the best one from the whole EP. Both originals, as well as remix, are going to work really well on the dance-floors, whether it is peak time, warm-up or even after hours. It is also worth mentioning that all three tracks went straight into Beatport charts. You can purchase this EP HERE.  

By Saša, edited on 15 June 2018