Steppin' Motion imprint welcomes Enrico Mantini

The Parisian label Steppin' Motion, which is managed by Swoop, has announced its third release which comes from a well-established producer Enrico Mantini. Steppin’ Motion has established itself as a hugely cultured label and event series. The art of DJing and a passion for the vinyl medium are always the main focus and has helped imprint to earn a reputation as one of the most innovative brands in underground music.

Hailing from the early age of house music, Enrico Mantini, internationally renowned as one of the founders of the deep house movement, presents the four classic deep house tracks for labels third 12". 

"Prejection" brings the sublime bassline combined with swingy drums and 90's influenced main synth while "Isolation" offers a bit more rough vibes with stabby bass and crunchy rhythmics. The B1 track is called "Living Without You" and it contains a similar vibe with deep mood, lots of swing, and mellow bass pattern. The last track on the record, "Be One", shines a light with a repetitive vocal, laid back groove, and soft background pads which are combined with sax phrases. 

The 1993 Vs 1995 EP was made with love between 1993 & 1995. These timeless tracks were part of an album project recorded back then on DAT. Never released, they now have been remastered by DDA Mastering for your pleasure. You can already pre-order it HERE.

By Saša, edited on 22 July 2020