Subb-An with a new EP on Blind Box

It's been a while since we last time did a review about some fresh, forthcoming music. Our monthly residency at Ljubljana's finest underground club, K4, is just around the corner, so we've been searching for some new beats. One particular EP that caught our attention is coming from Birmingham raised artist Subb-An. We've been endorsing his sound for quite some time now and when we saw that his next music will be released on Blind Box, which happens to be one of our favourite labels at the moment, we knew that this release will be special.

Subb-An on Blind Box

Asique, better known as Subb-An, has been creating and performing music for more then a decade. His music was released on superb labels such as Cocoon, Crosstown Rebels, Get Physical and others. As written above, his next EP will be released on Blind Box, which is a relatively young vinyl only label that is owned by Julien Sandre and Konstress. The label is focused on releasing deep, raw underground club music, where quality is the only priority.

"Push" EP is the label's fifth release and it consists of two original tunes plus two remixes from Dana Ruh and Blind Box (Julien Sandre & Konstress). The opening track is a proper groover with a strong bass-line that is surrounded with shuffling hi-hats. Vocal and synth cuts are giving the track just the right amount of dynamics. A2 track is a remix from Dana Ruh and she remixed the opening tune "Push". This version is a bit more deeper with nice background pads and a solid drum groove. We really like the extra touch on the hi-hats with pitch modulation.

B1 side is reserved for second original track called "Indulge". The groove on this one is a bit smoother and the main element is definitely a raw bass-line that is giving the track its rhythm. Small glitches adds some extra ambience feeling. Label owners added their touch to this release with their remix of track "Indulge". We just love the work on those mellow pads that are perfectly combined with slight breakbeat groove. The warm bass-line glues all elements together into a solid tune. As we still don't know the release date yet, we advice you to keep an eye on further updates and make sure that you get your copy on time. We'll definitely get ours!

By Saša, edited on 15 June 2018