Interview: Concrete DJz

Concrete DJz is a Belgrade techno collective, well known for their infamous parties throughout Serbia. The combination of their unique style, which varies between dark beats and pumping rhythms, the use of different melodic elements and their ‘We play Techno’ slogan all leads into a powerful and intelligent mix. The true beginning takes place in early 1997 when the Belgrade techno scene was still in its infancy. This is the time when Bojan, Luka, Matsura, and Mita started to take interest in electronic music.

The love towards techno pushed the team to establish an organization in 2003, which is still responsible for many memorable rave parties. During this time they’ve performed throughout the Balkans, Bulgaria and also in England, Wales and Brazil. We got a chance to share a couple of words with the crew, which revealed some interesting details about them, their work and current projects.

Q: ‘We know you’re active from 2003. When did you release your first record? Is there a future for your own label or is Concrete meant to be just a performance?’

A: ‘As producers, our first edition came out in 2006 on the Betamax Recordings label. Shortly after followed over 20 vinyl releases on well-known labels and also on our own label called Armatura Records. Well, a small number of labels are really profiting from the sale of music on different formats, especially vinyl. But sure, having a label is one of the best mechanisms for promotion, because a single track can be enough to put you in the spotlight.’

Q: ‘I noticed a lot of your designs with the Edit: Tehno logo on them. Is this your project?’

A: (smile) ... ‘Yes, this is the project we’re most proud of. From founding the Conrete DJz until today, we organised a multitude of events with foreign and domestic performers. But since 2009, when the moment of creation of Edit: Techno arrived, it became the primary platform and a great addition to the Belgrade scene and beyond. It was based on the idea that after the resuscitation of electronic sound and scene, the audience would be able to get as close possible to the actual sound and performers. For almost 6 years Concrete Djz have been successfully following their mission objective, so Edit: Tehno’s visibility progresses from year to year, resulting in one of the leading series of events.’

Q: ‘You also run a radio show called Beton (translated – Concrete). Can you tell us a little more about it?’

A: ‘The Concrete internet radio show is also one of our projects that was launched in 2007. It airs once a week for two hours and it was created out of the desire to be present to a greater extent on the global DJ scene. With our current sets, listeners can follow the happening on the global electronic scene. Concrete definitely points in the techno direction, with a wide spectrum of sub-genres and styles.’

Q: ‘Let’s talk about the techno scene, particularly in Serbia. How big is the competition and how much do people invest in parties?’ 

A: ‘Serbia has always been the leader in the region, as far as the electronic scene goes and it’s in a constant phase of expansion. Competition is always present ... Of course, people are investing and we think that organising raves is an activity that’s very popular in Serbia at the moment.’

Q: ‘Last but not least, where do you work over the summer, will Concrete perform on any of this year’s festivals?’

A: ‘We’ve opened a large number of offers for various events and festivals, but at this time were unable to disclose anything about it. Follow us to keep up to date with our events!’


By Marko, edited on 28 June 2018