The Berlin Music Fundraiser: party for a cause

CURIO, a concept night by BEC, will host a Berlin fundraiser in partnership with non-profit organization Bridges For Music at ipsə club on Thursday 12th April 2018. You'll be able to hear artists like Dubfire, Stephan Hinz, Alex Niggemann and others. Bridges For Music is a creative and socially conscious community that harnesses the power of music and art to influence positive change in the world. BFM's latest project is the construction of a music school in Cape Town's oldest township, Langa, which was kickstarted with the RA Cycle To ADE campaign. The school will run courses such as a full-time 6-month course in music and entrepreneurship.

BFM will offer full and partial sponsorship to local talent but also include international talent in an opportunity to live an experience, studying in South Africa. Another sponsorship program helps artists to travel and perform around the world, enabling them to progress in their careers in ways previously unattainable. This fundraiser event will not only raise awareness and provide a platform for the message to be shared but will also raise funds for BFM's new music school in progress. Alongside artists mentioned above, South African rising star Themba will be traveling from Johannesburg in order to participate in the fundraiser. If you're in Berlin at the time, make sure you sneak a peak for a cause.

BFM Music school in Langa, Cape Town

Bridges For Music current projects: 

- One school currently under construction

- 25 previous development workshops, over 2500 attendees

- 32 scholarships awarded to study sound engineering, music business, and film courses

- 50 national and international touring opportunities

EVENT: The Berlin Music Fundraiser

SC: Bridges for Music 

Tickets: RA

By Severin, edited on 29 May 2018