The voting for "Best of 2019" Ambasador rewards is officially open

The public applications for the fourth Ambasador of electronic music awards were opened on the 22nd of January. The rewards are mainly focused on Croatia but there are also a few categories that include a wider region highlighting some of the finest from 2019 within the electronic music scene in the territory. The festive event will take place on 19th March in Rijeka as a part of the "Music Month" - EPK2020.

The Ambasador rewards consist of more than 30 categories which roughly emphasizes the local electronic music scene. Besides the rewards, the Ambassador ceremony gathers around 300 professionals and electronic music enthusiasts each year and serves as the bridge that connects them. In most categories, the winners will be selected by public voting while some categories will have a special jury that will decide on the winners.

The voting will be open until February 29th, 2020, at 11:59 pm.

You can vote HERE.


By Saša, edited on 17 February 2020