Thomas Stieler to release EP in Blind Vision Records

Thomas Stieler, a German-based  DJ and producer will shortly release an EP on a Blind Vision Records which will be label's 9th vinyl release. The UK located imprint was born roughly a year ago and they've managed to deliver some quality material from artists such as Miguel Puente, Josh Baker, Outstrip, Acanalar just to mention few. Their forthcoming piece will be a four-track EP highlighting two original tunes from Thomas with a pair of remixes from Nick Beringer & Maximilijan.

Thomas Stieler - On & On EP

First delivered tune from Thomas is called "Saw" and it's a stomping groover with a warm bassline which is nicely interfering with playful chords. Dusseldorf based producer Maximiljan remixed the opening tune adding a softer touch with smooth pads and acid riffs while preserving club orientated mood. The B1 slot is reserved for a track that gave this EP its name. "On & On" holds a similar vibe to the first original track including sub bass, a strong groove lead by 909 hats and swingy of-snare drum elements. Synth stabs and vocal shouts are giving the tune a solid balance.

This track was remixed by Berliner Nick Beringer who delivered an unstoppable rhythm, based on a bit more minimalistic groove and glitchy sounds. Spacious pads give the track its depth and presence while swingy bass line makes the whole track bouncy and ready for dance-floors.

Blind Vision's next release will deliver four club based tracks that will be perfect for any occasions whether it'll be a warmup, peak time slot or even after hours. The release will be out in the following months via major online vinyl shops. Check out their FB page HERE for extended information.

By Saša, edited on 15 June 2018