TIPSY to host masquerade ball in the unique Filodrammatica

The Rijeka's carnival parties have been one of the most memorable ones giving each generation a unique experience and positive memory. TIPSY - an eclectic club format from Rijeka has decided to live up to tradition with presenting TIPSY Ballroom, the concept of a carnival clubbing ball in the famous Filodrammatica hall.

"TIPSY Ballroom"

Filodrammatica is a unique cultural space, a building that stands out with its Renaissance splendour and was built in 1890. The event will host three exciting performers.

The musical style of Le Chocolat Noira was formed in experimentation and a combination of modern styles and music from the 70's and 80's. His releases were found on regional and international labels, and for many years he edited a radio show on the legendary Intergalactic FM station. He has performed in many European countries as well as Brazil, and festivals such as Exit and Dimensions Festival.

The Slovenian guest Matej Lavka has more than 15 years of experiences as a prominent performer in local clubs and regional festivals. He has played a significant role in launching the Stiropor Festival, while also playing regularly at Ljubljana's clubs such as K4 and Channel Zero, as well as his own Night Lost Tapes. The TIPSY resident Dino Merkl will be presenting his obscured eclectic fusion of nu-disco and cosmic electro genres with which he successfully builds the artist's name di.merkl.

This unique carnival-music event will be held on Saturday, February 10th, beginning at 22:00 in the Filodrammatica Hall as a launch event at the International Carnival Rally. Ticket price is set to 40,00 kn before midnight and 50,00 kuna after midnight.

Check out more about the event HERE.

By Saša, edited on 13 June 2018