SolvdCast 007: Tom Bug

SolvdCast by , released 09. August 2016.
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Tomislav Brusač, better known as Tom Bug, has been slowly creating his path as a dj, producer, promotor and entrepreneur for the past 15 years. Bassed in Croatia’s capital city Zagreb, he is most known for his performances in clubs like Aquarius, Sirup and Lemon, known for performances of international acts like DJ Rae, Andy Ward, Bagi Begovic and Audiowhores. Technical skills behind the decks and unlimited amount of energy proved him as one of the best artists in the country. Blending all sorts of dance music in his sets, he’s not committed to one style, always keeping a groove throughout his set and letting the creativity run the show. We recently had the opportunity to attend the season closing party of his brand, Dobar House, held at the spectacular Sirup club in Zagreb. He impressed us with his modesty and kindness which lead into a relaxing conversation about his career, thoughts about the scene and plans for the future.


  1. KiNK - Valentine's Groove (Original Mix)
  2. Matt Smallwood - Keep Pushin
  3. Alaia & Gallo feat. Kevin Haden - Who Is He? (Dario D'attis Remix)
  4. The Deepshakerz - Women In Love (Original Mix)
  5. Doorly - Peralta's Groove (Original Mix)
  6. Lumoon & Rob!n - La Papaye (Original Mix)
  7. Julyan Dubson - Make A Thing (Original Mix)
  8. Josh Butler - Need Me (Original Mix)
  9. David Zor - Biscuit Rings (Original Mix)
  10. Roog – Keep On Working (Big Break Mix)
  11. Patrick Topping – Howk (Original Mix)
  12. Soul Vision 'Don't Stop' (Dario D'Attis Remix)
  13. Billie Ray Martin – Loving Arms (Tom Bug Re-Make)
By Saša, edited on 11 June 2018