Top Picks: Moskalus top 10 chart [July]

Ada Kaleh - Sonata Disonanta (Priku Reconstruction)

"Romanian finest right here! Proper good remix from Priku. I can listen to this one over and over and never get bored of it. You should def check the Teluric and Nu Zau reinterpretations as well."

East End Dubs - Spacey

"If anyone ever asks me what tech house to listen I will definitely tell the person about East End Dubs. Eastenders for life!"

Powerpill - Track 1 (Powerpill 1)

"Top notch acid house/techno right here. It's even better when the breakdown comes! Loving the trance-y melody."

Fatima - Caught in a Lie

"Big fan of Fatima since day one. Everything she touches is gold! Can't wait for the album."

Project Pablo - Rent Day

"My good man Patrick! He never disappointed me with his productions and I am really glad I was able to help him a little bit with promoting his tracks back in the day."

Seen Links Schlösser Rechts - Die Nacht (Room 506 Edit)

"Zu geil der Track! This is my kind of techno."

Blawan - Careless

It makes me feel good every time I hear something brand new from Blawan. The entire album is pure gold. But especially this track. It fits perfectly with Romanian minimal."

Justice - D.A.N.C.E. x Fire x Safe and Sound (WWW)

"Remember Justice?! Oh man, i really love this version of their legendary track. And i am also really happy about the fact that i saw them live last year. It was a life-changing experience."

SE62 - Good Days

"One of my fave house producers just released an EP on def my fave house music label ever! What a combination. Garage House at its best!"

By Saša, edited on 08 August 2018