Traxsource with a new rebranded website

Traxsource which is one of the leading digital stores for underground electronic music has recently updated their website. While Beatport decided to completely change their interface which turned out to be a pretty weak decision, Traxsource took a bit different approach. They've slightly updated and rebranded their current look while adding some extra features which will make this platform even a better one. A new integration with Dropbox will allow users to easily manage their music on multiple devices. So no matter where you at you can get your hands on your essential new tunes at the click of a button. They've also updated the look of the interface with lovely bold design and a clean look. Users will also appreciate that Traxsource has now one site for all devices. That will fasten navigating through Traxsource’s deepest features right on your iPhone, Android, tablet or computer. Besides these bigger changes, there are a bunch of smaller ones which will undoubtedly make Traxsource even more popular and user-friendly. We suggest you go to their website and to check all these features by yourself.

You can read even more about the update HERE.

By Saša, edited on 29 May 2018