UNER with a new EP on Solar Distance

The Spanish maestro Uner has been rediscovering his musical style for the last couple of years. His signature Balearic tech rhythms were always surrounded with precisely selected melodic elements. In his recent productions and DJ sets, we can hear the diversity in exploring the boundaries within electronic music. Some of his tracks are deeper and darker while others are more dynamic peak time orientated. His forthcoming release will be on his own imprint, Solar Distance. The EP consists of two original tunes and a remix from another established artist, Petar Dundov.

Spirits From Urantia

The first track "Urantia" is a nice introduction to the EP. A deeper ambience is slowly progressing throughout the whole eight minutes or so and bringing numerous synths back and forth. Main arp lead is nicely combined with an acid kind of plucks which are working firmly with the rolling bass-line and a simple drum groove. “Spirits” is another original tune on the release and it's a lovely contrast to the first track of the EP. The stabbing acid bass is perfectly layered with more tribal drum elements, while the edgy synths give the track a darker atmosphere.

Petar Dundov has remixed the track "Urantia"  and he wrapped it up in his own style. With a bit groovier vibe he managed to add more dynamics while presenting the similar energy of the original's melodics. This EP is slowly showing us the new path that Uner is now taking musically and it's very refreshing to hear.

By Saša, edited on 15 June 2018