Vakum records is a Croatian based vinyl-only record label. The project is a combination of three people who share the same desire for quality electronic music content. The label was designed as a reflection of their musical tastes and it includes international artists as well as homeland producers. The initiators of the Vakum, Borut Cvajner, Alen Špionjak (Disrupted Project) & Ivan Ljutić (DJ Evan) hope to support as well as contribute to today's vinyl records offer. The label will be issued only through the vinyl form in limited copies and no re-press. Their fifth release is a splendid VA compilation with four unique tracks. 

Vakum Records oo5 VA

The opening track on the vinyl is a tune called "Marilips" which was produced by Cheeky Bed Bugs duo. The track is a lovely groover with a catchy main synth which gives this track a small dose of emotions. The moving bass-line and a roomy claps are providing more energy to it. The "A2" track was produced by Rimbaudian and it's called "Tonight". This tune is a bit more uplifting with classical 90's influenced main synth. Those over-processed samples and superb groove are bringing back the old school house vibes. "Rainy Days" is the third track on the package and it was done by Sagats.

The drums on the track are quite simple but it's the main acid bass-line which makes the difference. The 808/909 elements are always working nicely with a strong acid sequence which can easily take the track into whole new dimension. The last track on the comp. comes from a Slovenian talent, Christian Kroupa. "Jackin For Good" is a true lo-fi house tune with distorted bass-line and funky sax solo.  

They're both working nicely in combination with with more crankier drums. This VA compilation is a rather interesting combination of four tracks that are successfully following new "Lo-Fi" trends which are becoming more and more popular within underground electronic music. The VA will be available via online vinyl digital shops from 27th January onwards.

By Saša, edited on 13 June 2018