VAL202 will host the Valentino Kanzyani livestream from K4

Electronic master Valentino Kanzyani, iconic Klub K4 and the most listened radio station in Slovenia Val 202 will join forces for this special occasion. Save the date: 30. december at 23.30. Before the year ends... Before all of our nights of dancing and "fornicating" in the most iconic of all the basements come to a close. Before the final episode of K4's events, which will end with huge amounts of serious bass-heavy trample (on the 31st for their Drop That NY Bass). The mighty group of clubs residents will be joined by none other than the notorious underground hero who's had his name signed all over projects, festivals and labels such as Cadenza, Sonus, Hyte, All We Are, Sunwaves, Vagabundos, Cocoon and The BPM Festival - and so many others he's graced on his journey around the Sun.

To be honest, it's the anticipation that gets us. Not even all of his numerous achievements, it's the unknown that gets us sweating and our legs twitching with excitement. It's what's to come. The clubs of Slovenia, in all their might and splendour, cannot possibly contain all of Valentino's fans and admirers. Val 202 will take care of the live stream for the night. RH202 radio show starts at 23.30 and will set the vibe with their regular programme and live stream can be monitored by the club from midnight onwards. Tickets for the event are already available at all Eventim sale points, for more details, head over to K4's Facebook page.

Listen to Valentino's latest mix he's recorded for FUSE London.

By Andrej, edited on 05 June 2018