Valentino Kanzyani announces new EP

Valentino Kanzyani, a Slovenian house/techno DJ, has announced his forthcoming release on Dutch label Bla Bla Music. Valentino has been active on the local and global electronic music scene since the mid 90's. As an early resident of best Slovenian club Ambasada Gavioli, he quickly became known for his skills, energy and superior music selection. Throughout these years he explored the boundaries within electronic music and successfully established himself as world-class DJ and producer. He'll release his next vinyl EP on Bla Bla Music in the early December.

Primera Causa

Bla Bla Music has prepared an exclusive pack of releases with a limited number of vinyl copies. The next 3 releases will be called RYB and will be totally in red, yellow and blue colour with matching artworks. They'll release them later on as a box as well. The first release will be by Valentino Kanzyani, which will be followed by a release from Swiss producer Digitaline and from German master Christian Burkhardt. Each release will be supported with remixes from other established producers and will come out as 300 limited copies including a plastic sleeve. Valentino's EP "Primera Causa" consists from two originals and a remix from "University Of Nowhere".

Both originals are great tracks with nice grooves and solid bass-lines. He managed to add his specific flavour which always brings out different emotions. The remix is a nicely built track with unique groove and atmosphere. It truly gives this EP a small dose of edginess. This is undoubtedly an interesting project from the Dutch label. The first release from Valentino Kanzyani will set the tone of this exclusive series, so we'll wait and see what will the next two producers come up with.

By Saša, edited on 13 June 2018