Vibra events a refreshing novelty on the Zagreb nighlife scene

Vibra is an exclusive clubbing program powered by creative specialists and designed to cater the most precise of tastes. Their thematic events will combine and join together the best of all worlds when talking music, dancing, special effects and one-of-a-kind meals and unique drinks in the most avantgarde atmosphere possible which will definitely put Vibra firmly on the map of Zagreb and instantly mark their events a common good. When you combine domestic and foreign artists collaborating for this utmost interesting and innovative event which will always take place in a slightly different location, you get us amped up and we can assure you this night will definitely create a buzz among clubbers and natives of the Croatian capital alike.

Their priority is to promote modern clubbing electronic music at very well designed events with a lot of input and also to promote the lifestyle that evolves around it all. Vibra is definitely a new contender in town to present a novelty clubbing night and is surely a much-needed refreshment on the Zagreb scene, but the dates and locations will be posted really soon so stay posted. And it's fresh. Check it out!

By Andrej, edited on 01 June 2018