Vid Vai remixed Darren Allen

Vid Vai is another member of an extremely talented group of young DJ's and producers from the Ex-Yu region. He's been involved in the Slovenian electronic music scene for little less than a decade. He released his first EP back in 2009 and has been releasing music since then on labels such as Gilesku, White, AMA Digital, Tvir, Sensual Rec. and others. His next release will be a remix for a Berlin-based artist Darren Allen, on Darren's imprint Underlying Form. It is a vinyl only record label/platform for experimental techno and weird & trippy electronic music.

Vid worked on a B2 track called "MD Habitat". His remix is a four to the floor beat with experimental groove full of random glitches, noises and cuts. Hi-hats are giving the track a solid drive while background pads are subtly giving a melancholic impression. Vid Vai managed to make his own version but still maintaining the idea of the label. We suggest you pay attention to this release! 


By Saša, edited on 13 June 2018