Volatile shares new Mentat LP

Volatile are two versatile producers, NubiS from Slovenia and Feral from Switzerland. The pair shared a passion for 90s big beat, drum ‘n’ bass and the new wave of electro, which gave birth to a perilous monster: the sound so powerful and chaotic that it should be measured with the Richter magnitude scale. After listening to the Mentat album, all we take away from this short excerpt from their bio is that it’s completely outdated.

The album offers a lot for a simple free download only shared on their Facebook page. Mentat starts slowly, with two minutes of Im Kartenraum that floats between synth influenced melodies and a techy hip-hop beat. What comes after, are mostly 4×4 variations of dub techno tracks and its breaky variations, which are always followed by melodic synths, kicks and subtle, but effective bass. The whole album is quite an unpredictable experience, but even with that said, it still functions as a whole. The second one is the album titled track Mentat.

Its a subtle techno track in the minor, with a mesmerising hook that most of us will only appreciate on the packed dance floor at 4 in the morning, while dancing the night away. With its simplicity, it feels like one of the high points of the album, that leaves you wanting just a tiny bit more. Spike’s Serenade follows  and it’s one of the three tracks on the album, that offer a most needed break away from techno ... and it does just that. Its dreamy atmosphere and heavy drum beats provide a little bit more than 4 minutes of joy. Perfect for a car ride on a cloudy day. Just as dreamy as Spike’s Serenade is 40 Degrees. The other five tracks on the album don’t go far from the norm, but they do fall a bit short on the details. 

Don’t get us wrong, the album is very solid. The atmosphere stays in a signature mood, which gives it a feeling of conceptuality and compactness of the sound. What it lacks, is a track that would truly stand out ... the track that would function as a leading magnet and compel more people to listen to it than just a few diggers. In the end, this is an album that only few will appreciate. For everything else, it just falls short. 

By SolvdMag, edited on 15 June 2018