Want to know more about compression? This guide will help you get there.

pATCHES is a blog devoted to music, samples, devices and tutorials. If you are a tech head or just a curious explorer, patches.zone will enlighten you with their quality and versatile content that includes numerous tips and news that will enrich your musical knowledge. One of their recent and most interesting features is an animated guide to compression which helps you understand the features and physics behind this heavily used tool. It takes a lot of years of practice to get to the stage when you can say that you know how to use compressors but in reality, I don't think you ever really master this craft. It's a never-ending process of trial-error exhibitions that help you get behind one of the most used tools in the process of creating music.

The Animated Guide To Compression

As the people at pATCHES stated, "Compression is one of the essential tools in mixing but often one of the most misunderstood. For many, compressors are a kind of black box but the operation and usefulness of this processor are actually quite simple to understand." In their article, they break down the individual controls and parameters that make up a compressor using animated demonstrations of the concepts.

Instead of writing more about the guide, we suggest you test your knowledge on your own. You can access the guide HERE.


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By Saša, edited on 30 May 2018