Wax On Mare St. to release EP on e1even records

The UK trio Wax On Mare St. which consists of James Puentes, Dissonance and MIINA will release their debut EP on e1even records. The label owned by Lauren Lo Sung & Sian Bennett will celebrate its fourth release. Their previous VA compilation hailed quite a success so therefore they've prepared a release that could follow the hype. The EP features a single with two remixes that were delivered by Niko Maxen and Kevin Over. Red Light EP is scheduled for 25th June and it will be available as a digital format via Beatport.

Wax On Mare St. - Red Light EP

The original track starts off slowly with a solid techy groove that is later on being upgraded with silky sub bass and main stab riff. The riff is basically the core of this record with elements being smoothly built around it. The arrangement is relatively fundamental but dynamic enough to share some excitement. Niko Maxen has kept the synths on the same groove but managed to layer a bit deeper groove in his version. We like the dubby bass that will probably ignite the spark on the dance-floor. His swingy rhythm includes occasional glitches which he smartly mixed with filtered stabs.

The second remix comes from German talent Kevin Over. He lovered the overall pitch and added a crunchy groove that works really well with a bit melancholic pad. His bass-line resonates on lower frequencies while occasional vocal shouts work as a balance to the man riff. This is a kind of remix that offers completely different experience than the original and we highly appreciate this since it gives DJs more variety and options.

Red Light EP is a solid package of tunes that offers some peak time excitement mixed with after-hour vibes and warm-up sessions. The fourth release on e1even records continues to deliver quality stuff for the UK-based label while on the other hand, Wax On Mare St. trio is slowly showing off their potential.

By Saša, edited on 15 June 2018