zAvod Pralnica – Poletno pranje w/ BUENA RONDA

zAvod Kru is opening its Laundry room again, on the 21st May, just at the right time to take care of the last residues of spring cleaning, with the help of the Cultural association Hofstädter from Graz. The stubborn stains will be soaked on Metelkova in Club Tiffany, in a bath of heavy hip hop, dub and house bass from the Slovenian K’Pow and our Austrian comrades Doze and Hedonismus Hacienda, with a live performace on hand washing by WHYIS. To get the last drops out, zAvod Kru will turn on the techno centrifuge in the neighbouring Monokel Club. In an attempt that the only common denominator of Slovenia and Austria wouldn’t be the border between the two countries, Graz cultural association Hofstädter organized a festival named ‘Buena Onda’. The festival was successfully held in Šentilj (Spielfeld) in 2013 and 2014, but in 2015 artists from both countries decided to take a step further. 1 event, 2 cities, 3 crews. Graz and Ljubljana, tour Buena Ronda. This year’s Laundry room symbolises an overture to the festival happening this summer, with more information to come in the following months. Klub Tiffany: DJ K'Pow / SLO Hedonismus Hacienda Graz / AT doze / disko404 / AT Whyis live / Hofstädter / AT Klub Monokel: Urke Moof Bownr Alil VJ: Dvoglava zver Event starts at 23.00; Tickets: before 24.00 €3 // after 24.00 €5 zAvod Kru: FB // SC
By SolvdMag, edited on 10 May 2016