Zlatnichi’s first vinyl is out

Zlatan Muslić, who goes by the name Zlatnichi, is one of the most important artists in his region, Bosnia and Herzegovina. His passion for electronic music started at the beginning of 2004, influenced by Pascal Feos and Thomas Schumacher. In some way, he evolved with the development of minimal techno and tribal sound. He didn’t change the way he sees music, although he passed the phase of minimal techno and tech-house.

Till now his music has been released on labels such as zinc Records, Pild Records, High Pressure Music, Expectancy Music, Habla Music, Mushroom Smile Records, NOEXCUSE Records and, last but not least, Moon Harbour, where he released his first vinyl track with Rotterdam’s Joey Daniel. Their track ‘Is That Jackson’ is a deliciously deep and rolling affair with smooth pads, tumbling hits and broody atmosphere that warms your mind, body, and soul.

The ever-evolving Moon Harbour kicks off a great new Various Artist EP series entitled Orbiter, with the aim of showcasing both newcomers and established label acts. The first one features superb new music from associates like Detlef and Lewis Boardman, newbie collaborators Zlatnichi & Joey Daniel and the returning Andrea Oliva, who debuted on the 2014 Inhouse compilation.

By Marko, edited on 30 May 2018